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Dusk Mobile Partners With VMware as an Enterprise Solution Provider

Dusk Mobile Partners With VMware as an Enterprise Solution Provider

More recognition comes in for Dusk Mobile’s continuous pursuit of service excellence. The company – a global leader in the intelligent field service, asset performance management and devops space – has recently been upgraded as a certified Enterprise Solution Provider for VMware. The Dusk Mobile team has the knowledge AND the relevant experience in working with high-end software for virtualization projects, and this certification puts a stamp of authority on that.


In a brief tête-à-tête, Alan King – the CEO of Dusk Mobile – pointed out that his company has already been partnering with VMware for a number of years. AirWatch by VMware is among the lineup of enterprise-grade services that Dusk offers. The certification officially recognises the top-notch, updated knowledge pool and state-of-the-art quality standards of Dusk Mobile – and that, Alan feels, will encourage the team further.


Dusk Mobile has always been committed towards providing end-to-end, highly sophisticated end-user computing (EUC) experiences and virtualization solutions that deliver value to clients from both the business and the technical perspective. Right from planning stages, to the designing and the deployment of the enterprise solutions – everything is managed seamlessly by the in-house software/data engineers. According to Alan, the focus on the unique, custom needs of the clients has been a big factor of the sustained success of Dusk Mobile over the years with year on year double digit growth.


While becoming a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider and gaining Infrastructure Virtualization Competency would undoubtedly widen the scope and capabilities of Dusk Mobile, the company would also gain certain other benefits. For starters, the round-the-clock availability of technical support from VMware. The credibility of Dusk Mobile as a reliable designer, solution provider and advisor for enterprise environments will also go up in a big way.


Attaining the status of Enterprise Solution Provider will allow Dusk Mobile to help more businesses in their move to a seamless EUC experience across devices and robust, scaleable cloud computing setups, Alan said. The company has a dedicated team of technical engineers and pre-sales service providers with a high level of service expertise. Regular staff training sessions are conducted, to keep up with the latest developments in the EUC, virtualization and cloud technology domains. It is a challenge…one that Alan and his team enjoys!


The Dusk Mobile CEO was also quick to point out the manifold advantages that customers stand to receive by working with a certified VMware partner. The 24×7 availability of just-in-time (JIT) service experts to support and enhance existing IT systems can be hugely beneficial, as can be the pilots, proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and product demonstrations (which can considerably reduce the risks and concerns of clients). The discounts on VMware products and storage would help businesses optimize their savings, while the process of delivering on long-term mobile and cloud computing strategies would also become smoother. Alan sounded confident as he said that Dusk Mobile is all set to make its mark as a reliable ITaaS provider for enterprises.


Serving the precise needs of clients from multiple layers has been a long-standing prerogative of Team Dusk. Presently, the company operates from the desktop, application and infrastructure layers – and as a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, the focus on AirWatch by VMware and services  – under Workspace ONE will become that much stronger. Deal fulfilment is also quicker with certified VMware partners. Dusk Mobile seeks to deliver true End User Computing (EUC) at all levels.


Constant improvement and expansion of services is important for the Dusk team. As such, the certification from VMware would be instrumental in diversifying the cloud services and virtualization services portfolio of the company. Alan and his team are committed to deliver fully customised solutions that fit the exact needs of clients – and getting upgraded to Enterprise Solution Provider is indeed a very important milestone for the company.



About Dusk Mobile:

Dusk Mobile is an Australian-based company that specialises in intelligent field service solutions, asset performance management, enterprise devops coaching and related services. It serves business clients across the globe – and is headed by Alan King. For more information about the company, visit https://duskmobile.com/ and/or call +61 (0)3 9071 0333.


About VMware:

VMware is based in America, and is one of the largest software companies in the world. As a long-standing leader in the virtualization industry, it delivers a wide range of cloud computing products. The total number of VMware clients is well in excess of 500000.


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